History of HOMI Chicken Curry Puff

Legend has it that curry puff or what is known locally as karipap that was invented by an ethnic group of Austronesian people predominantly inhabiting the Malay Peninsula in the 1800s. It then evolve and became a simple tasty snack is loved by everyone of all ages in Malaysia. It is a popular choice for breakfast or as an afternoon snack. Curry puff can be found at many stores but there is nothing as traditional as HOMI EXTRA LARGE Curry Puff. Homi Recipe has been passed down for decades and is here to stay to constantly remind us Malaysian that we are a multi-cultural country and great food brings people together!

  • Homi Curry Puff - VKeong Lum

    VKeong Lum

    "There’s nothing not to like about HOMI’s extra large chicken curry puff. The crispy and flaky pastry encases chunks of intensely flavored chicken curry pieces and potatoes."

  • Homi Curry Puff - Yen Simpson

    Yen Simpson

    "About 3x larger than your ordinary curry puff, we loved the buttery pastry and the delicious curry chicken filling."

  • Homi Curry Puff - Food Advisor

    Food Advisor

    "Big on taste and big on filling, Homi’s version of curry puff is one satisfying snack that doesn’t skimp on ingredients. The curry filling is strong and very fragrant, but not overly spicy."

  • Homi Curry Puff - KY Speaks

    KY Speaks

    "If you like your curry puff big, fresh, and tasting just nice, this stall called HOMI is the place to go."

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